Are You Giving the Wrong Message to Your Team?

If you are like most sales managers, you probably tell your salespeople to close more sales. This might just be the wrong message. Why? Often when salespeople are told what to do, rather than sales coached on how to do it, they usually revert to old sales behaviors.

Unfortunately, this can mean your sales team is reverting to traditional selling techniques.

In today’s marketplace, top salespeople engage in sales behaviors that demonstrate they believe selling is about helping people with their buying decisions – without the use of traditional selling techniques.

With the aid of technology, product information is readily available for prospects. This makes selling more about the buying decision going on in prospects heads than the traditional sales techniques salespeople used to use.

The reality is some salespeople close sales by accident. Look at your own experience. Reflect back on the last three items you purchased.

Did you buy them because somebody closed you or because you wanted the item and you made a buying decision?

Salespeople Sell Better When …

Salespeople get better sales results when they stop focusing on closing people and start focusing on helping prospects with their buying decisions.

To help your salespeople increase their sales, clarify that their role is to help others with their buying decisions instead of closing.

Once your team members truly grasp that they’re not to manipulate but rather to assist people in their buying decisions, your sales coaching role becomes simpler, clearer and less time-consuming.

Your responsibility then becomes to sales coach your team on helping others with their decision-making. Your focus shifts to what your salespeople say, ask or do to discover:

  1. Their prospects’ buying decision process
  2. Where their prospects currently are in that process
  3. What their prospects need as they go thru their buying decision

As your sales team changes their focus to helping others with their decision-making, your sales coaching of them shifts as well. Your emphasis becomes what your salespeople did, or could do better, to support their prospects through their decision-making process.

Sales Coaching Questions for Your Team to Sell More Effectively

When coaching your salespeople on how to help prospects with their buying decision, consider including some of the following sales coaching questions:

  1.  “What steps are involved in their decision-making?”
  2. “What did you ask to identify their pains and passions?”
  3. “What did you do to demonstrate that you understood their pains and passions?”
  4. “What are their highest priorities?”
  5. “What did you do to clarify where they are in their decision-making?”
  6. “Who else is involved in their decision-making?”
  7. “Who else is affected by their buying decision?”
  8. “Is there anyone else who is influencing their decision to buy?”
  9. “What might hold them back from their decision to buy?”
  10. “What did you do to demonstrate your competence to be able to help them with their challenges?”
  11. “What did you ask to find out what you could do to help them with their decision?”
  12. “What information do they need before they make their decision?”

By helping your team let go of the old model of closing and grab hold of this new sales approach of helping others with their buying decisions, you open the door to a more purchasing-friendly way for future clients to buy from your salespeople.

The most likely by-product? Sales will increase and you’ll find your sales coaching becomes more enjoyable.