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Why neuroscience is so important today

For you to sell in a way that doesn’t feel manipulative yet gets you great results, it’s essential for you to discover neuroscience behind your clients buying decisions so you know exactly what to ask and say.

Inside the NeuroSales Institute blog, you’ll discover


Why clients make the decision to buy from you


How to determine where your prospects are on the spectrum of their buying decisions (and how to manage your sales conversation as a result)


The brain-based sales principle that permeates every aspect of your sales conversations (including research from Wharton, Duke and University of Texas)


What to ask potential clients to increase the likelihood that they will buy (including specific sales questions you can ask) & What to say to ensure you and your prospects are on the same page


The surprising neurological truth that causes prospects to be more engaged


One of the most effective ways to respond to objections

The NeuroSales Institute blog is for you if you are serious about increasing your business.  You’ll discover the secrets to making your sales conversations more profitable with the neuroscience that truly causes people to buy.  This material has helped organizations and professionals double their results.

What do they say…

Peri Shawn managed to engage my brain so well that I still remember the points she made over 9 months later. She put dynamite in my gas tank and made me a better personable person when I comes to selling and meeting new people.

William Clarke

Co-owner, Aurakey Digital Agency

This young man is truly gifted with a very bright future. Martin Latulippe was simply amazing!

Jack Canfield

co-author of the International Bestselling Series Chicken Soup for the Soul

Peri Shawn is an expert whose value and strategies are high value and actionable. She provides clarity and does so with engagement and interaction! I highly recommend Peri Shawn her professionalism and expertise are rare!

Jo Dibblee

CEO, Frock Off Inc.

Martin Latulippe is an inspirationnal energizing and exciting leader.

General Rick Hillier

Former Chief of the Defense Staff for Canadian Forces

About Us

Peri Shawn

Peri teaches and coaches executives and their teams to sell more, better, sooner and more often.

Peri is the award-winning author of Sell More with Sales Coaching (Wiley). It was voted one of the top 12 sales and marketing books of 2013.

For 15 years, she has designed large-scale training for some of Canada’s largest companies and created over 100 learning products about sales to help organizations improve performance and sell more.

She has been published with the Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, Salesforce.com, Sage CRM, SellingPower, Sales Gravy, Pipeliner CRM, the Canadian Professional Sales Association, Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Martin Latulippe

It is with no credibility, no contact, not a penny to his name, that Martin entered the industry, still a student at university, to rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after francophone experts of his generation.

He is one of the few francophone experts who had the privilege to share the stage, in English, with great world leaders, including Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, General Rick Hillier, Joannie Rochette, Haley Weickenheiser and Robert Herjavek.

He raised more than a million dollars acting as spokesman for various large organizations.

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